"Save the Indian River Lagoon, one bucket at a time!TM
 LagoonSaver™ Compost

LagoonSaver™ Compost is a beneficial organic soil additive made from a proprietary blend of processed and composted aquatic plants and algae that were harvested as part of programs to protect and restore Florida’s waters. It is alive with beneficial micro-organisms and rich in micronutrients. The physical characteristics of the compost allow it to hold moisture in Florida’s sandy soils, while increasing nutrient levels. Our compost is an environmentally friendly, micronutrient rich, slow release soil builder and has been shown to support the robust growth of numerous vegetables, herbs and fruits, without the need of inorganic fertilizer supplements. 


Planting: Mix equal parts with existing garden soil for direct planting or to amend soil conditions or use as a top-dressing on existing gardens. A rich, yet gentle compost for plants, trees, shrubs, flowers, fruits, herbs, and vegetables. 

Poor Soil: Organic material in compost increases water holding capacity and nutrient levels of sandy soils.
LagoonSaver™ Compost is crafted from aquatic plants and algae that are removed from Florida’s waters as part of the effort to reduce the nutrient pollution entering the fragile Indian River Lagoon ecosystem.
We use only organic, renewable, and environment-improving materials to provide premium compost products:

  • Compost and Soil Amendment 
  • Potting / Seed Starting Blend 
  • Organic Micronutrient Supplement 
  • Cleans Florida’s water-ways
  LagoonSaver™ Potting Blend
LagoonSaver™ Potting Blend is a ready to use potting mix. A specially crafted blend of LagoonSaver™ Compost with OMRI certified components; it is a complete solution for gardening in pots or container gardens. This gentle blend is perfect for starting seeds, seedlings, and clones.


Planting: Use directly in well-drained pots, containers, or raised beds. Water until saturated using non-chlorinated water.