"Save the Indian River Lagoon, one bucket at a time!TM
These are testimonials from LagoonSaver™ customers

Far superior to anything else
"I have seen the vegetable production LagoonSaver™ promotes, and have eaten many of these vegetables. Their texture, appearance and taste is far superior to anything else I have bought, and my wife and I seek out vegetables grown in LagoonSaver™. She is very fussy about Romaine Lettuce, and now uses that grown in LagoonSaver™ as her standard." 
Allen Stewart and June Clark
Punta Gorda, Florida

We hope to incorporate LagoonSaver™ Compost into the whole garden

Three years ago Our Lady Of Good Counsel parish in St Augustine, FL began a garden to supplement our food pantry. It was the desire of the members to provide healthy organic produce, but the soil had become deficient in phosphorus and other nutrients. As a test we tried LagoonSaver™ compost in a small area and planted similar plants to the rest of the garden. To my delight, the plants grew faster and healthier than those planted in the soil that had been amended with composted animal manure.  We hope to incorporate LagoonSaver™ compost into the whole garden and increase our Yield to help feed the people we serve. 


Mark and Jody Sciullo

St Johns, Florida

Grows our plants faster
"LagoonSaver™ is the best soil builder we have ever tried, it grows our plants faster and they are healthier and have higher (apparent) yields relative to the commercial top soils and composts."
Dr Ted and Cathy Hadfield
Palm Bay, Florida